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Stratospheric Ballooning Association Scholarship Program

Stratospheric Ballooning Association Scholarship Program

The Executive Committee and the Board of Directors of the Stratospheric Ballooning Association is pleased to announce the 2019-2020 High Altitude Balloon Scholarship Program.  This program is aimed to help provide financial aid to students that are currently participating in high altitude balloon activities.

To be eligible for this scholarship program, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be enrolled full time at an accredited University or College within the United States or Territories
  • Must have a cumulative GPA of a 2.5 or higher in High School OR
  • Must have a cumulative GPA of a 2.5 or higher in their University or College
  • Must be enrolled (or plan to be enrolled) in a Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM) major
  • Must demonstrate that they are currently active or participating in high altitude balloon activities.

All interested applicants should fill out the survey below.  Any questions can be sent to the President and Chairmen of the Board at mnelson at stratoballooning dot org.


Application Submission Deadline

Please note we have extended the deadline to April 30th, 2019.

Application Submission Deadline – April 30th, 2019

Announcement of scholarship winners

June 15th, 2019


We will try to keep this FAQ updated if we get additional questions, so please check back with us.

Do I need to be a member of the Stratospheric Ballooning Association to apply?

No.  Membership in the SBA is not required.

If I am awarded a scholarship, when will the disbursement be made?

Checks will be sent directly to the school you are attending and will be disbursed no later than September 30th, 2019.

Will this affect my financial aid?

It might.  As this is a scholarship the checks will be sent directly to the school to be applied to your tuition.  You will also be required to report this on your FAFSA form as well.  We suggest that you consult with your institution’s financial aid office on whether or not this will affect your financial aid.

Stratospheric Ballooning Association Scholarship Application

Personal Information

The following is information that pertains to the applicant. All information will be kept confidential.
We prefer that you enter your university or college email address.


If you have not declared a major put Undeclared
Enter your current cumulative GPA. All GPAs must be entered out of a 4.0 scale. If you do not have a college GPA, put your High School GPA.
Upload a copy of your college transcripts. If this is your first year in college upload your high school transcripts. Uploads must be PDF
Enter any student honors and awards. May include both High School and University/College honors and awards


We require at least one reference. Your reference will be contacted in order to provide a letter of reference for your application. Your reference should be a person that is currently or will be working with you on your high altitude balloon project. References may be from a staff or faculty member at the institution you are or will be attending.
Ex. Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Professor

Financial Need

This section will ask you for information to help determine your need for this scholarship.
Must include tuition costs. May include housing costs, meal costs and books.
Scholarships and awards or any other financial contribution that you are not required to pay back. If none enter 0.
Student Loans or other loans in which you are expected to pay back. If none, enter 0.

High Altitude Balloon Activities

This scholarship is for students that are currently active in some sort of high altitude ballooning activity or a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) activity that is using high altitude balloons. This section will ask for information on your involvement in these activities.
Provide us a link to either videos, pictures or both that show you and the high altitude balloon activity (or activities) that you participated in.
If you have any other comments or need to clarify something that you have entered please put those comments and notes here.


By clicking on this box and submitting this form you hereby acknowledge that the information provided in this application is true to the best of your knowledge. Any updated information should be brought to the attention of the SBA immediately. Any false information will result in the application to be withdrawn immediately. All submissions will be reviewed by the Board of Directors and announcements will be made on the SBA Website on the schedule provided on the website. The SBA reserves the right to cancel any scholarship as deemed by the decision of the Board of Directors. Failure to check either box may result in your application to be withdrawn.