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Call for papers

Call for papers

 AHAC 2018 Call for Papers


On behalf of the board of directors, the executive committee and conference planning committee, the Stratospheric Ballooning Association is pleased to invite those in the ballooning committee to submit an abstract for consideration in the 9th annual Academic High Altitude Conference that will be held at the University of Nebraska – Omaha on October 26th and 27th in 2018.  The following is the official call for papers.  All authors should read carefully the process and follow instructions for submitting an abstract.


The theme for AHAC 2018 will be on education and will focus on K-12 and higher education.  However, the following topics will also be considered.

  • High Altitude Ballooning and Education
    • University level
    • High School level
    • Elementary/middle school level
    • STEM Outreach
  • High Altitude Ballooning Operation Techniques and Practices
    • FAA Rules and Regulations
    • Launch Procedures
    • Flight Procedures
    • Recovery Procedures
  • High Altitude Ballooning Engineering Design and Implementation
    • Payload Engineering
      • Tracking systems
      • Command and Control
      • Data recording
      • Embedded Processor Systems
  • Launch Equipment and Engineering
  • Flight and Mission Control Equipment and Engineering
    • Antenna Tracking
    • Communication Equipment
    • Tracking Software
    • Prediction Software
    • Command and Control Software
  • Recovery Equipment and Engineering
    • Mobile equipment
    • Mobile Software
  • High Altitude Ballooning in Scientific and Research Applications
    • Scientific Research
      • Biological
      • Atmospheric
    • Near Space Research

Other topics may be allowed as well as long as it fits the mission of the SBA.

Important Dates

Abstracts due – Friday, September 28, 2018

Abstract acceptance notification – Friday, October 5th, 2018

Near-final paper draft due – Friday, October 19th, 2018

Presentation slides and electronic version of posters due – Thursday, October 25th, 2018

Final paper due – Friday, November 9th, 2018

Submission details

All papers will be submitted using the BePress site that is being generously hosted by Iowa State University.  Only electronic submissions through the BePress site will be accepted.  You can submit your abstract, posters and final papers through this link – https://lib.dr.iastate.edu/ahac/


All abstracts will be submitted directly through the BePress site.  All abstracts must be 500 words or less.  Abstracts must summarize your paper and should be able to stand on their own in informing the reader what your paper is about.  No identifying information (authors, or their affiliation) must be in the abstract since we will do a double blind review.

Draft Papers

All draft papers must be submitted with no identifying information (author or their affiliation).  Draft papers should use either the Word or LaTeX template provided.  All draft papers must be submitted through the BePress site and must be as a PDF file.

Final Papers

If you are accepted to submit a final paper, all final papers must be submitted following with all identifying information put back in.  The paper must conform with the paper format defined in this document.  It is recommended that authors use the LaTeX or Word document provided.  All references must use the APA 6th Edition format.  A copy of the Word Document Template can be found here:  Academic_High_Altitude_Conference_Template

Paper and presentation policy

All papers that have been accepted must be presented by at least one author.  At least one author must be registered and will have paid the registration costs to present their paper at the conference.  If an author fails to attend the conference or to present their paper, the paper will be considered withdrawn and will not be considered for Journal publication.  It will also be removed from the conference proceedings.

Confidentiality Policy

All papers will be reviewed in confidence and only the board of directors and the editorial board will be able to view your papers until publication.  All reviewer comments will be shared only with the authors, editorial board and the board of directors.

Conflict of Interest Policy

All reviewers are expected and must report any conflict of interest that they have.  Any conflict of interest that has been identified will have a new reviewer assigned immediately.

Review Process

All abstracts and papers that have been submitted will be reviewed by the editorial board.

Paper Format

All papers must comply with the following formats for their papers.  A LaTeX and Word template has been provided.  All references will use the APA 6th edition.