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2015 Academic High Altitude Conference

DePaul University - Chicago, IL

Conference June 24 - 26, 2015

Workshop June 23

Important Deadlines:

  • Abstract submission - March 20
  • Abstract acceptance notification - April 3
  • On campus housing - April 17
  • Early bird registration - April 17
  • Paper submission - May 29
  • Presentation submission - June 23

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AHAC History

Since 2008, Taylor University and StratoStar Systems have hosted High-Altitude Balloon Workshops for professors through funding provided by a National Science Foundation Grant. During these workshops, professors learned how to start their own balloon program using the High-Altitude Research Platform (HARP) and incorporate the balloon into the classroom.

In 2010, Taylor University created the Academic High-Altitude Conference (AHAC) in response to the desire of many of those participants to collaborate with other institutions and advance their programs. The Academic High-Altitude Conference is dedicated to the use of high-altitude platforms to advance STEM Education and Research. It is committed to fostering the exchange of ideas, discussing best practices, and advancing the use of near-space to inspire students.

Conference Topics

Research in high-altitude ballooning

  • Meteorology and atmospheric science
  • Physics and space science
  • Environmental science and remote sensing
  • Chemistry and biology
  • Collaborative and cross-disciplinary projects

Educational opportunities in high altitude ballooning

  • Balloon flights in K-12 STEM education
  • Balloon flights in core undergraduate courses
  • Balloon flights in advanced lab courses
  • Collaborations between the university and the public through balloon flights

Technical development in high-altitude ballooning

  • Launch systems and prediction tools
  • Data logging and communication systems
  • Real-time and programmable control systems
  • Flight stability and return systems
  • Tracking and recovery
  • Engineering special mission requirements

Preliminary Schedule

  Tue June 23 Wed June 24 Thur June 25 Fri June 26
AM Technical Workshop Balloon Launch Conference Conference
PM Conference Opening and Poster Session Conference and Banquet Business Meeting

Technical Workshop

NearSpace Launch will demonstrate how to use EyePods and the Globalstar satellite network for constellation ballooning. More information to follow.